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fit carving
41,000 abdominal muscle contraction in 30 minutes
Fitness producer AYA is an ambassador for Fit Carving and she approves this machine!
The treatment is super easy, even kids can operate it!

As a owner of business, do you have the following issues?

I want to increase foot traffic.

How Fit Carving can achieve your sales goals.

Fit Carving can eliminate your slim down method issues. Fit Carving advantages

Crossfit Trainer AYA is the ambassador for Fit Carving!! Her popularity will attract customers !!


The system uses Electromagnetic field pulse energy to workout the muscles so its different from conventional EMS. The difference will have an increase in foot traffic. Since Crossfit Trainer AYA is the official ambassador for the Fit Carving, the machine will offer recongnition and industry leading power output to firm up those flabby stomach!

Sales increased to 15 times in 3 months!

No other Electro Magnetic Field Pulse equipment has more power than Fit Carving!!


Fit Carviing can deliver the magnetic field of the body by the magnetic force called" pulsed electromagnetic field ". This directly causes the inner muscle to contract violently, causing fat burning in the body due to normal time-consuming exercise. The muscle contraction of Fit Carving can produce an exercise effect up to 200 times (theoretically) that of normal exercise. This is the most powerful electro magnetic field pulse machine that can effectively make your body to slim down fast!

41,000 abdominal muscle contraction in 30 minutes!

The effect is amazing, so you can charge your customers and increase profit.


Unlike conventional electricity (EMS), Fit Carving causes muscle contraction by magnetism, so it causes muscle contraction that is impossible with electricity (EMS) and burns fat. Specifically, the abdominal muscles can be exercised more than 41,000 times in a short time of only 30 minutes. Since the effect appears immediately after the treatment, it is possible to achieve the highest class high unit price and high efficiency unit price.

This effect in just one month!

The procedure is easy!Newly hired staff can easily learn how to operate it.


So easy to operate it! Just push the botton on the screen pad. No need to go through difficult learning procedures. Anybody can learn to operate it in just a few minutes! We also offer "How to" guide on the video so anyone can learn to use it

Fitness Producer AYA is the officialanbassador for Fit Carving!


Fit Carving has a pelvic lower muscle strengthening mode in addition to the normal muscle strengthening program. Pelvic low muscle strengthening mode is a program to strengthen the inner muscle with Fit Carving for vaginal trouble and urine leakage after childbirth. For improving distorted posture and solving various problems such as back pain Fit Carving can work wonders!


How will the salon that introduced Fit carving change?

More than 30 new customers per month are possible even in small stores!

The operation is easy, so new staff can work immediately!

Increase sales without changing labor costs!

It can minimize the time for the customers to get the result they want.

Fit Carving Ambassador AYA can bring customer's attention to increase business.

The average customer price has increased with upsell for customers on other menus!

Expand sales channels not only for women but also for men's menus!

that's why···
Overwhelming sales increase in a short period of time after introduction!

more over!

Here's what sets Fit Carving apart from the rest! Here's what sets Fit Carving apart from the rest!

that's why Fit Carving Has been selected by so many customers.

Stores that actually purchased Fit Carving What is the end user's comments regarding the Fit Carving treatment?

They feel safe and very confident about offering treatments to their customers.

Le Primera in Osaka, Japan

Why did you decide on Fit Carving?

Originally, I was also very fond of training my body and was interested in it, so when I learned that there was such a machine, I immediately contacted the company and let me go to experience it. I received it.

How satisfied were you with Fit Carving?

There are some customers who can easily understand the result with one treatment, and the customers are very pleased, and the customers who came from the original menu are interested in it, and new ones. So, I feel that the sales have increased because some customers came to find this Fit Carving.

What kind of customers would you recommend Fit Carving to?

For those who like to move their bodies, go to the gym and train them to use Fit Carving as a magnetic field machine to create a beautiful body with a synergistic effect. It is highly recommended for those who can train their body and burn fat just by lying down for 30 minutes.

Currently, there are a large number of salons who are considering the introduction of magnetic field equipment such as Fit Carving, but please give us some recommended points for Fit Carving.

The first is that we have evidence, that we can convey it to our customers, and I think that it has come from other companies, but I do research, but it takes 30 minutes. I think that the amount of magnetic field generated by this Fit Carving is firmly done, so I recommend it. Also, the fitness producer AYA, who is now an ambassador, recommends it, so we are pleased that the machine is very convincing and reliable to our customers.

※In effect there are individual differences.

All you have to do is just lay on the bed and the rest Fit Carving will do the work!

Prestigea annex in Chiba, Japan

What was the deciding factor to choose Fit Carving?

Our business consist of esthetic salon with weight training gym all in one facility and we have clients who not only want to receive body massages, but also would like to do some weight training. For those who want to try weight training but are reluctant since they have never done it, Fit Carving is a natural alternative for them to really work on those muscles. We now have many clients who have lost inches of their waist due to Fit Carving treatments!

What are your reactions and effects after introducing Fit Carving?

First of all, the reaction of those who are not good at exercising is very popular because you can train without exercising by moving yourself! For example, I think that abdominal muscles are one of the trainings that women are not very good at. However, when I actually put Fit Carving, the abdominal muscles that I thought I did not react and move jerks, so I feel that the muscles are actually moving and I am using Fit Carving on my abdomen. Also, if you are a training man, it is easier to understand if you have muscles on your abdomen, the wavy image is very easy to understand, and you can see it even when the muscles are released from Fit Carving. , When you actually lie down and do the abdominal muscles, you can really see that it works on the muscles from the abdominal side to the back side of the abdominal muscles.

※In effect there are individual differences.

Those who have actually experienced Fit Carving BEFORE&AFTER

Fit Carving was first introduced in 2020 and it was delivered to
many esthetic salons, but now it became popular at the sport gyms.


This is why

Fit Carving Offering full support for safety and reliability.

Our competitors all require cooling periods between operating sessions. However, Fit Carving can perform operation all throughout the entire day without cooling period due to its advanced cooling systems.

If for some reason there's malfunction, the machine will shut down automatically to avoid further damage.

Our maintenance support offeres repair services 24/7 for your peace of mind.

* Okinawa / Hokkaido and remote islands are excluded.

Further more

Operation is also super easy 3steps!

We also offer "How to use" manual
in video format for employees to review at their own time.

How to operate Fit Carving

Etoile Co., Ltd. directly managed salon Vera estetica We will give you success know-how!We will give you success know-how!

This is Etoile's proposal Salon success roadSalon success road

Excellent topicality !! Fitness producer AYA Official Fit Carving Ambassador!

Fit Carving is being endorsed by Fitness Producer AYA who is the ambassador. Electro Magnetic Field Pulse Muscle Training Machine can increase your muscle mass that can lead to healthier younger body that has been scientifically proven. For those who cannot handle the riggors of weight training at the gym, Fit Carving is just the right type of machine.。

Fit Carving not only gives you fat burning and muscle strength at the same time, but it also gives you various joys such as nice buttocks, constriction, metabolism up, and pelvic floor muscle army strengthening.

Fit Carving can replicate the hard intense workout that AYA performs at the gym, it can be done in just 30 minutes!

* AYA mainly does body make-up for training.

Why Fit Carving continues to be chosen! ??

First come,first served every month Limited to 30 people!

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I would like to purchase, but is the payment only in cash?

Regarding payment, there are "cash", "installment payment", "lease", "rental", etc. depending on the financial situation of the customer. Please feel free to contact us first.


Where can I get the treatment?

It can be applied to areas of concern such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms.


Can it be used outside the women's beauty salon?

Businesses other than esthetic salon, Fit Carving is perfect for sports gym, men's esthetic, Osteopathic clinics.

From inquiry to introduction


Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form on this page, the official LINE, or by phone (06-4705-7010).


Please tell us your "considerations / concerns". We will propose a special plan for each customer regarding the content of consideration and concerns.


Visit us and experience Fit Carving (free anywhere in Japan). Our staff will explain based on various success stories of Fit Carving.

④ Estimate / contract

We will provide consulting and support only with the equipment installation fee.

⑤ Training

Our staff will be available to train you on how to use Fit Carving. (Free anywhere in Japan)


Thank you for the introduction! We will provide various support even after delivery, so please feel free to contact us!


We also accept demos anywhere in the country!
Should have any questions regarding Fit Carving and how it can bring additional revenue to your business, please feel free to contact our sales counselors and we'd be more than willing to discuss its potential.

When contacting us, if you just mention "free demonstration" we can respond more smoothly.

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